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Christmas Packages!

Tis the season!

Christmas is upon us, and with it comes gifts of varying kinds! We'll be updating this page as we roll out the different Christmas packages we're offering this year!

Package 1 (P4000)

Our first package lets you (or a loved one, if you plan on gifting it) stock up on coffee beans, and have a grinder handy to ensure a fresh brew every time. You can choose the coffee beans per price point to include in your package, too!

Package 2 (P3900)

Package 2 makes for a good affordable starting kit with a grinder, dripper*, filters, and some beans!

Package 3 (P1100)

Our third and last package is our most affordable and simplest. Already have a grinder handy? Just get a dripper*, filters, and a bag of beans! Great if you wanna add to your growing collection of brewers (we know you might have a lot), or trying it out for the first time!

*Drippers included in packages are plastic CAFEC Flower drippers. If you wish to upgrade to a ceramic one, please do send us a message!

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